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Among the noble cheeses of the Old Poland group, Bursztyn is the most precious jewel of the cheesemaking art in Poland. Similarly to amber, from which it derives its name, its excellence was shaped by nature and time.

Bursztyn cheese is made from top quality milk from selected farms situated among the meadows of the green Polesie region. Its unique taste and aroma are a result of its long maturing period in meticulously prepared conditions.

Depending on the version of Bursztyn, each round is constantly tended to for 6 or 8 months. It is massaged by hand with a special paste, which gives the rind its black colour. Bursztyn is the essence of the art of cheesemaking. Its structure is tight and slightly crumbly with noticeable little crystals. Serving at room temperature and splitting it instead of cutting releases the aroma composed of milk note, walnut tree leaves, vanilla and ripe cherry. The aftertaste, which is mild at first, gradually turns into a more and more distinct spiciness.

  • best for tasting without extras
  • it goes well with barrel dry wines and long maturing semi-dry wines


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